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Unfortunately, brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once simply isn’t enough to prevent dental and oral health conditions throughout the course of your life. This is why the American Dental Association recommends having a dentist perform a routine dental checkup, every six months.

At the dental offices of Foreversmile Dentistry in Miami, Florida, every dental checkup is designed to clean your teeth, and monitor your mouth for any dental or oral health conditions.  

It starts with a professional dental cleaning performed by a professional dental hygienist. They will clean away all traces of hardened tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth. This will be followed by a simple polishing treatment to remove surface stains from your teeth.

If you have more significant dental stains, you might need a second appointment to have Dr. Amaral perform a dental bleaching treatment.  

After the dental cleaning, Dr. Amaral will examine your teeth and gums. If she finds any signs of cavities or periodontal disease, she will present you with viable treatment options. This might also include preventative care such as a fluoride treatment or applying dental sealants.

Dr. Amaral will then perform a basic screening for signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. If she finds and overt signs of a problem, she will refer you to an oncologist who will confirm the diagnosis and help you understand your treatment options.

If you live in the Miami, Florida, area and you have an oral health concern, you should call 305-274-0425 to schedule a dental checkup at Foreversmile Dentistry.