If you suffer from gum disease or other periodontal disorders, our dentist may determine that you need gingival flap surgery in order to improve your smile’s health. As with all our dental services at Foreversmile Dentistry, we work hard to ensure this treatment is as efficient and comfortable as possible; your health and comfort are our highest priority!

Gingival flap surgery involves temporarily moving some of the gum tissue in order to access deeper tooth and gum tissue. During the treatment, infected tissue is removed and the area is cleaned. Advanced periodontal disease can impact your gum tissue deep below the gumline and can lead to tooth loss. Flap surgery can help prevent the progression of gum disease, improving the health of your smile.

We want to help you optimize your oral health so that you can enjoy a strong, beautiful smile for many years to come. Our team is pleased to offer treatments for periodontal disease to help you prevent and arrest gum disease and its complications. If you have questions about the health of your gums or about gingival flap surgery in Miami, Florida, please visit with our friendly dentist during your next appointment at our office. Call today to schedule a consultation!