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Sometimes a tooth is so severely compromised by an untreated cavity or dental trauma, that even a highly trained and experienced dentist cannot save it with conventional treatment. If we feel that a root canal is not a viable treatment method, our team might recommend a total extraction, as a last resort to alleviate pain and prevent future infection.

Once all remnants of the tooth have been excised from the socket, our team will suture your gums. Then we will likely provide you with a prescription for pain management medication to help you remain comfortable throughout the recovery process. If an infection or a dental abscess was also present in your periodontal tissues, Dr. Marilyn Amaral might also include a prescription for a course of antibiotics.

After your gums have fully recovered, we might recommend replacing the previously extracted tooth with a dental bridge. This is essentially a single piece of dental work comprised of an artificial tooth, bonded firmly to a pair of dental crowns. It will need to be cemented onto abutments prepared from the two healthy teeth neighboring the void.

Once we connect the dental bridge to the abutments with a special dental adhesive, it will complete the dental restoration process. This will allow you to once again enjoy the full function of your mouth.

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