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Are you experiencing discomfort when you eat? Do you feel a sharp twinge in your tooth and notice any swelling? If so, you could be experiencing a toothache. Toothaches are a warning sign something is amiss and can be very difficult to handle on your own without professional treatment. That is why our team here at Foreversmile Dentistry in Miami, Florida, is happy to provide you with information on toothaches so that you can find relief from your pain.

Toothaches are caused by many different things, such as a severe fall that chipped a tooth, eating hard foods that caused a tooth to crack, or a cavity that has grown deep near the pulp of your tooth. However, the most common cause of a toothache is an abscessed tooth, which is an infection inside your tooth often caused by tooth decay. When bacteria enters your tooth through a cavity or a crack in your tooth, it can affect the nerves in your tooth and risk the life of the tooth causing extreme pain.

The first step to reversing a toothache begins with visiting your dentist, Dr. Marilyn Amaral. Our team of professionals are trained to assist with your toothaches and help you identify the exact source of the problem. If you are experiencing an abscessed tooth, depending on the severity of the infection, antibiotics may be needed. In other cases, deep cleaning of the tooth may be required, or a root canal treatment can help. Flossing is also helpful with a toothache if the source is caused by something small like a seed stuck in your teeth.

If you are experiencing a toothache and need assistance, please call our office today at 305-274-0425 and schedule an appointment. Our team is thrilled to help you with your toothache troubles and give you the care and treatment you need for optimum oral health. Our team is always glad to help you get back to smiling.