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If you have a particular tooth that distracts from the beauty of your smile, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. To address a tooth like this, Dr. Marilyn Amaral will often recommend improving your appearance with a dental crown.

A crown essentially replaces the enamel layer with an artificial material. While crowns can also be made from gold alloys and base metals, they are mostly made of porcelain. Since the porcelain material can be shaded, it will look just like a natural tooth.

During the first appointment, Dr. Marilyn Amaral will inspect the tooth to make sure there aren’t any tooth decay issues. This might also include taking a few X-rays to examine the depth of the available enamel layer.

Dr. Amaral will then prepare the tooth by removing the majority of the enamel layer. This leaves behind a small amount of enamel to protect the interior of the tooth. This tooth will later serve as an anchor for your permanent crown.

Dr. Amaral will conclude this first appointment by taking an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. This impression will be sent to the dental lab that will make your new crown. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth to keep it safe while you wait for the dental lab to complete your new crown.

Once the dental lab has finished your new crown, our team will call you in for a brief follow-up appointment with Dr. Amaral. The temporary crown is then removed and your new permanent crown is cemented into place.

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