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Did you know that not all causes of sleep apnea may be environmentally induced? In many cases, sleep apnea could be the result of genetic factors that you have very little to no control over. In addition, sleep apnea also exists in two major forms, central sleep apnea, and obstructive sleep apnea, with the causes of each varying in vastly different ways.

Central sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder caused by irregular breathing patterns linked to delayed, damaged, or un-received signals in your brain to your chest muscles. When sleeping, your brain sends signals to your chest muscles instructing them to move, allowing you to breathe. Central sleep apnea occurs when these messages are not received. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when there is physical blockage of the airways while you sleep. This could be the result of sleeping incorrectly or too close to a barrier, such as a pillow in your face.

Sleep apnea has many causes, including enlarged tonsils and an enlarged tongue. Adult males over the age of 40 run the highest risk of developing sleep apnea. Other risk factors include your weight, your genetics, a deviated septum, allergy or sinus issue, and even if you have a small tongue in relation to your jawline.

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