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We want you to be as comfortable as possible at our dental practice, and that is why we have included our five best tips to help you relax the next time you visit us. They include:

– Letting the dentist know your fears. We don’t want you to feel embarrassed or otherwise bad for feeling uncomfortable, so please don’t hesitate in letting us in on your fears and what things bother you about the dentist, in general. We are here to help in any way we can.
– Inquiring about amenities we provide. TVs, music, blankets, and the like can be great amenities to help you feel relaxed with Dr. Marilyn Amaral and her dental team. Contact us for your options at 305-274-0425.
– Getting familiar with the procedures and treatments you will undergo may help you feel more comfortable and in control at the dentist. “Knowledge is power,” is applicable here. The more you understand and know about the procedures, the more you will trust the dentist.
– Coming in before your appointment may help you feel at ease. Meeting the dentist and dental team is helpful to help build a good working relationship and to ask any questions.
– As a last resort, we may offer sedation options. If you feel the tools you have been using are not enough, please let us know.

The last thing we want is for you to have so much anxiety and stress that you delay getting dental care.
We hope these tips will give you a good starting point for dental relaxation at the dentist in Miami, Florida, and should you have any other issues, please call our dental team at Foreversmile Dentistry.