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Many people suffer from dragon breath from time to time. Bad breath can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Did you know that there are certain things that can cause bad breath and that there are ways to keep bad breath at bay?

Causes of bad breath include:

– The decrease of saliva. This sometimes happens in the morning, as the flow of saliva slows during sleep. There is also a decrease in saliva when you are hungry or dehydrated. Reduced saliva allows bacteria to grow, which can cause bad breath.
– Eating foods with a strong smell, like onions and garlic.
– Smoking or using other tobacco products.
– Bacteria and plaque in the mouth from food caught between the teeth, dental appliances, or dentures.
– Mouth and throat issues, like strep throat or gum disease.
– Issues in other areas of the body, like diabetes, sinus infection, or liver disease.

There are several ways to keep dragon breath at bay, including:

– Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day to get rid of bad-breath-causing bacteria.
– Clean your tongue with a toothbrush or tongue scraper. Most bad breath bacteria gathers on the tongue.
– Mouthwash is a temporary solution, as it will temporarily mask bad breath.
– Visit Foreversmile Dentistry regularly so our dentist can help you maintain and improve your dental health. Dr. Marilyn Amaral can detect and treat issues that may be causing bad breath. If issues in other areas of the mouth are causing the bad breath, we may recommend that you visit your primary doctor.
– For those with removable dentures, take them out at night and clean them before reinserting them in the morning.
– Keep your saliva flowing by eating healthy foods that require lots of chewing, like apples and carrots. Chewing sugarless gum or sucking on sugarless candy is also a good option.
– Quit smoking. This will improve your breath and give you a better quality of life.

We welcome you to contact our office today to learn more about treatment for bad breath in Miami, Florida, and to schedule a visit.