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Have you ever wondered when it’s time for you to start exercising? Have you ever wanted to exercise simply because you’d like to drop a few pounds or because you want a healthier lifestyle? If so, did you know exercising properly could also help improve the health of your pearly whites?

As you might already know, you should treat gum disease as soon as possibly can. If you fail to treat it, you might ultimately have to cope with a number of serious dental issues, such as bad breath, bleeding or sensitive gums, or even tooth loss. Unfortunately, gum disease can also cause your teeth to shift. In other words, while gum disease should be addressed as quickly as possible, avoiding the issue altogether is the better option.

Luckily, if you exercise a few times a week, you’ll be much less likely to suffer from gum disease. In fact, if you exercise three or more days a week, you’ll actually be half as likely to develop gum disease. If you exercise less often, you’ll still be about 30% less likely to get gum disease. If you don’t love to exercise, or are hoping to get into exercising, we recommend starting with something you’ll enjoy. You could try playing a sport, power walking, jogging, or even swimming. If you’d like more personalized advice, please visit your local doctor.

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