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Poor oral hygiene practices can cause an excessive amount of tartar buildup at the gumline. This is the most common cause of the periodontal infection known as gum disease. If it’s not treated early the infection and subsequent inflammation can cause your gums to recede from your teeth leading to severe oral health complications.

As time goes on, the most effective method to treat severe gum disease and restore the condition of your gums, it to have Dr. Marilyn Amaral perform a gingival flap surgery.

The treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis and usually requires full sedation. You will need to have a friend of family member drive you home while the sedative effect gradually dissipates.

The treatment involves Dr. Marilyn Amaral making a small incision is made in your gums. This will give her direct access to any infected material near the roots of your teeth. Once all the infected material has been removed Dr. Marilyn Amaral will adapt some your healthy gum tissue over the base of your teeth.

After the surgery, Dr. Marilyn Amaral will like to prescribe antibiotics, pain killers or anti-inflammatory medication to help deal with pain and prevent further infection.

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