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Our qualified dentist and dental team at Foreversmile Dentistry want to help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. However, we can only go so far. Oral hygiene begins with you, and only goes so far as you are willing to take it. If you put in the effort, the efforts will be seen in your teeth and gums for all to see. Your first step is to know the basics:

True or False: You should visit your dentist every six months for oral exams and professional cleanings,

 Answer: True

True or False: Most dentists recommend brushing teeth for 2 minutes, twice daily

 Answer: True

True or False: For better oral hygiene, you should eat a well-balanced diet consisting of all five food groups

 Answer: True

True or False: The dentists at Foreversmile Dentistry are real-life oral health care superheroes.

  Answer: True

Question: Which of the following foods can cause plaque buildup which can promote tooth decay: cookies, chewy candy, sour-flavored sweets, fudge brownies, or sugary sodas?

  Answer: All of the above

If you answered all five questions correctly, congratulations, you are on the fast-track to oral hygiene superstardom! However, it is not nearly enough to only know safe dental procedures. You must practice them as well.

For additional attention, or if you wish to come in for a professional cleaning or an oral exam, please make an appointment with Dr. Marilyn Amaral by contacting our wonderful team at Foreversmile Dentistry via phone at 305-274-0425. You can also stop by our office in Miami, Florida. Have a fantastic day!