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Your teeth are protected by a very hard layer of tooth enamel, but accidents such as a hard fall, facial blow, or sports could crack a tooth, especially if you are involved in a contact sport. An extremely cracked tooth may not be able to be saved, in which case it can be removed and replaced with a dental bridge.

Following the removal of the tooth and a period of time for the healing of the gums, our dentist can offer a variety of tooth restoration options, such as a dental bridge. A dental bridge mimics the appearance of original teeth by fusing replacement teeth to two dental crowns that attach to the natural teeth on each end.

Dr. Marilyn Amaral removes the tooth enamel from two teeth to form abutments that leave the internal tooth structure intact, then sends a detailed impression of the abutments and surrounding teeth to a dental lab to create the permanent bridge. In the meantime, temporary crowns can protect each abutment.

After we receive your permanent bridge, you will visit the office again for a brief follow-up appointment, where we remove the temporary crowns and place the permanent bridge by cementing it to the abutments.

Following the formation of a cracked tooth, contact Foreversmile Dentistry at 305-274-0425 today and schedule an emergency dental appointment we can address the issue and place a dental bridge in Miami, Florida, as soon as possible.