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A composite dental filling is a tooth-colored filling that is custom matched to the hue of your natural smile. Clever custom crafting allows composites to be blended seamlessly to just about any type of tooth color. Tooth-colored dental fillings have become a popular cosmetic choice for cavity treatment thanks to their many benefits, such as:

– Because many cavities are too small to justify the use of dental amalgams, you can find an effective and often safer alternative in dental composites.

– If a composite filling fails, instead of needing to be extracted as amalgam would be, Dr. Marilyn Amaral can perform several repairs before eventually removing the original filling.

– While mercury is included in dental amalgams to bind metals, composites are mercury-free, which many patients appreciate.

– Dental composites are highly resilient to tooth fracturing.

– If tooth decay develops around the margins of teeth, a dental amalgam can begin to leak, but composites provide a tight seal that creates resistance to leaking.

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