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Dental emergencies can be caused by traumatic events as well as more banal sources. The treatment methods and ramifications called for to fully remedy these issues can often be costly and cumbersome. Fortunately, there are a few habits you can adopt to reduce your chances of suffering a dental emergency or other forms of oral trauma.

It can be wise to stock all your first-aid kits with a few common oral healthcare items like waxed floss, salt packets and topical oral analgesic. Having these basic items on hand will help you offer fast first aid when an oral emergency does happen.

You should also try to actively break bad habits like chewing on pens and pencils, crunching on ice and using teeth as tools. This can easily lead to chips, fractures and cracks or it can even wound your gums.

You should always wear a mouthguard while participating in contact sports. Depending on the sport and your personal preference, Dr. Marilyn Amaral can help recommend the right mouthguard for you. If you’re interested, she could even help fit you for a custom mouthguard.

Grinding your teeth at night can result in chips and fractures on the biting surfaces of your teeth. It could even cause TMJ disorder in the joints that hinge your mouth. Our team can fit you for a custom nightguard that will comfortably conform to the unique shape of your mouth. This will allow you to sleep easily and prevent further damage.

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